Domme Tomorrow

femdom. fetish. feminism.

Hello. I'm Ms. Tomorrow.

I have some kinks.
My roots began in a dark, hot place; growing up twisted in the Florida heat. As a kinky, little Queen, I'd force-feminize my brother, hold exclusive Barbie orgies, and shove stupid boys on the playground. I was keenly aware that women lacked equality and respect. So, at a very young age, I did something about it, and I liked it.

 I was born brazen.

My beauty has always been a weapon. My sexuality has either intimidated , excited, or frightened my partners. There is no in-between. My sexual field studies have led me here: exploring professional femdom since 2016. 

My tastes run extreme. From Findom to Forced Femme to Corporal Punishment... I believe in pushing limits.  I can stomach confessions that would make others squirm. I revel in pulling you into deeper exploration of that sweet sub-space. You'll find me surprisingly sadistic, wickedly creative, and eager for you to discover a side of yourself you never knew existed. 

I do not fear your secret, sexual self. I revel in it. I'm here to help you explore it, and understand it.

Let's be honest. Our society is poisoned by toxic masculinity and outdated Patriarchal ideas about feminine sexuality. At the very least, I am on a mission to do something extraordinary in its simplicity: 

I dare to be a sexually powerful woman. 

I aim to be unabashed and uncensored. 

I'm inviting you along for the journey.

Watch me work out my kinks. 


Oh yeah, you may call me Ms. T

What I'm into




Pain sluts

Sissy boys

Pay Slaves

Beta bitches

Self-confessed losers

Foot slaves

Sexual Misfits

Trans women looking for a Femme Ally

Fellow Domme Queens

Discovering the Divine Feminine

I'm NOT into



Illegal Acts

Vanilla Fuckboys

Being naked for you



Switching for you


Outdated Gender Roles

Race Play

A closed mind


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Kink/fetish services


Financial Domination services for human ATMs and pay pigs. Good for losers who feel compelled to take a 2nd job, work long hours, and eat Ramen in order to spoil me. For subs who expect nothing in return. For subs who ache to pay ALL my bills, and fund my luxe life.   Not for the faint of heart. 

Available for cashpoint meets in Nashville. 


For boys who need to be turned into pretty girls. I can make you sweet & little, with frills and lace. I can turn you slutty & spicy, like a nasty club slut. Either way,  I really get off on turning you female.I could put makeup on sissies all day! I always want the works: wig, heels, dress, bra, panties, stockings, make-up... and a tampon. 

Ballbusting & CBT

Punch them. Beat them. Smash them. Get on all fours while I kick them. Jerk with hot sauce, while I step on your nuts with my heels.I take great pleasure in destroying your manhood. I love the noise you make when you crumple in pain. I barely trust myself in a room with a penis, something about them brings out my most sadistic, unapologetic disgust. 

Foot Worship

My toes. 

My bare soles. 

My slave-bought heels. 

My dirty, smelly socks. 

My elegant stockings. 

You can never get too much of a good, smelly thing. You'd die happy with my dirty feet standing on your face. It's heaven to be my carpet. My foot worship tastes run a bit sadistic. I like you to suffer while you worship.

 For subs who know where their place is.


Imagine me: a Giantess Goddess. 

Imagine you: a tiny, helpless man.

The uses for tiny men are endless. I keep you all in cute little houses among my houseplants. I let some of you run around my house in hamster balls. When you make me mad, I let you lose in the backyard with my cat. 






Glove Fetish 



Dog Training 


Corporal Punishment 


Public Humiliation 

Smoking weed & using you as an ashtray/footstool



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Hard limits: no blackmail, race play, minors, or sexual contact.

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The Golden Rules

1. Pay to play. All new subs (18yo+) must send $50 tribute to begin personalized training. Inquiries w/o proper tribute will be ignored.

2. Do not ask for information I do not choose to give.

3. Do not use my image/content, without  my permission.

4. Do not offer your unsolicited opinion.

5. To be considered "mine" requires weekly sacrifice.

6. Never call me Princess. However, you may EARN the right to call me : 

Mommy, Queen, Goddess, Daddy, King, or Boss.  

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