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Hello. I'm Ms. Tomorrow.


I have some kinks.
My roots began in a dark, hot place; growing up twisted in the Florida heat. As a kinky, little Queen, I'd force-feminize my brother, hold exclusive Barbie orgies, and shove stupid boys on the playground. I was keenly aware that women lacked equality and respect. So, at a very young age, I did something about it, and I liked it.

 I was born brazen.

My sexuality has either frightened , or excited my past partners. There is no in-between. 

My wild, sexual, field studies have led me here: exploring professional femdom since 2016. 

My tastes run extreme. From Findom to Forced Femme to Corporal Punishment... I believe in pushing limits.  I can stomach confessions that would make others squirm. I revel in pulling you into deeper exploration of that sweet sub-space. You'll find me surprisingly sadistic, wickedly creative, and eager for you to discover a side of yourself you never knew existed. 

I do not fear your secret, sexual self.

 I revel in it. 

I'm here to help you explore it, and understand it.

Let's be honest. Our society is poisoned by toxic masculinity and outdated patriarchal ideas about feminine sexuality. 

At the very least, I am on a mission to do something extraordinary in its simplicity: 

I dare to be a sexually powerful woman. 

I aim to be unabashed and uncensored. 

I am inviting you along for the journey.

Watch me work out my kinks. 


Oh yeah, you may call me Ms. T

What I'm into








Sissy boys

Pay slaves

Beta bitches

Diaper babies

Self-confessed losers

Foot slaves

Human Furniture

Sexual Misfits

Trans women looking for a Femme Ally 

Fellow Domme Queens

Discovering the Divine Feminine

I'm NOT into


Toxic Masculinity

Doing emotional labor for you



Illegal Acts

Vanilla Fuckboys


Being naked for you

Pet names



Switching for you


Outdated Gender Roles

Race Play



Your Mom's Blog

How I like to play


Do embarrassment & degradation turn you on? 

Hot. Good. Get over here.

Erotic Humiliation is a FUN fetish. So, don't think you are 'weird' because you like to be ruthlessly humiliated by a Dominant Woman. 

Don't ask yourself 'Why?! 

Why am I like this?

Why do I like being called names?

Why do I like to be degraded? 

Why do I love being forced to do embarrassing, humiliating tasks...while She laughs?

Don't beat yourself up about it. 


Instead, come see Me.


Ache to feel like a pretty (possibly slutty) girl? 


I LOVE sissy training.

I think boys & men need more ways to express their femininity in safe, encouraging spaces.

SO, come to me girly-boys!

I want boys who NEED to be turned into pretty girls.

 I can make you sweet & little, with frills and lace. I can turn you slutty & spicy, like a nasty club THOT. 

Either way,  I really get off on turning you femme, and I always want the works: wig, heels, dress, bra, panties, stockings, make-up... 

Foot Domination

My toes. 

My bare soles. 

My slave-bought heels. 

My dirty, smelly socks. 

My elegant stockings. 

You can never get too much of a good, smelly thing. If you'd die happy with my dirty feet  on your face, and you think it would be heaven to be my carpet... Then, meet my divine feet! I like my foot worship a bit sadistic. Pushing your face into smelly shoes is a delicious torture, and I am unrelenting & merciless when it comes to foot scent fetish. I like to see you grovel. My toes are very cruel.


All-in-all: for subs who know where their place is - at my feet. 

Yes, I do have:  Dr. Martens, Vans, very old Converse, tap shoes, Pleasers heels, stilettos, PVC boots, fuzzy slippers, & VERY dirty Toms. 

Chastity/ Keyholding

I have all sorts of Chastity subs, because Chastity is a special fetish that plays well with others. 

Chastity + Sissification

Chastity + FinDom

Chastity + FootWorship

I adore chastity training! It is the cherry on top of Power Exchange. 

Customized Chastity Training is available, from short-term beginners, to more advanced, long-term, ritualistic type wear. Find the cage that fits you without hurting, and contact me appropriately. 

For a key holding fee, I can send you a special lock, or... if you're too scared ... invest in a time-lock kitchen safe & come see me on cam.

Trust me. 



Small Penis Humiliation



Clothed Female/Nude Male

Glove Fetish 

Adult Baby 

Diaper Training

Mommy Domme 

Pet Play


Forced Intoxication

Cock & Ball Torture


Scat / Toilet Training

Public Humiliation 

Smoking Fetish (420 or cigars only)

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