Hello. I'm Ms. Tomorrow.

I have some kinks.
My roots began in a dark, hot place - growing up twisted in the Florida heat. 

As a kinky, little Queen, I'd force-feminize as many boys as I could lay my hands on. I played Barbies alone, because my Barbie orgies were exclusive, and no-one understood. Growing up, I secretly kissed as many friends as would let me. The ones who were boys always ended up being pushed down afterwards, and it took me years to understand the impulse. To say that my sexuality was directly linked to this inexplicable hunger for Power, would be a giant understatement. I was  keenly aware that women lacked equality and respect, so at a very young age I did something about it, and I liked it. The Power felt good. 

 So, you see- I was born brazen, and being a brazen woman in this Patriarchy comes with a price.

Growing up in church, in the South, my subversive sexuality was met with mountains of shame - whore, witch, slut, tease, bitch, fallen woman- all meant to force me back on script & into submission,  but it never took. No amount of shame & stigma has ever stopped this stubborn, dominant, willful, and wild spirit. It never will. Now, I wear these names like badges of honor. Behold, my alchemy.

It's completely understandable, though I never grasped it at the time, that my sexuality has either terrified , or electrified my past partners. There is no in-between. I've had exes tell me that I haunt them. I've left a wide trail of broken hearts. One recently called to tell me that he figured it out- I use men in the same way men use women. I argue that I've always felt as entitled as any man, to good sex, respect, and high standards. 

If I move on, it's because I never cared much for being owned.

My wild, sexual, field studies have led me here: exploring professional femdom since 2016. 

My tastes run extreme.  I believe in pushing limits.  I can stomach confessions that would make others squirm. I revel in pulling you into deeper exploration of that sweet sub-space. You'll find me surprisingly sadistic, wickedly creative, and eager for you to discover a side of yourself you never knew existed. 

I do not fear your secret, sexual self. I revel in it. I am here to help you explore it, and understand it.

Let's be honest, our not-so-modern society is poisoned by toxic masculinity, and outdated, puritanical,  patriarchal ideas about feminine sexuality. 

At the very least, I am on a mission to do something extraordinary in its simplicity: 

I dare to be a sexually powerful woman. 

I aim to be unabashed and uncensored. 

I am inviting you along for the journey.

Watch me work out my kinks. 



Ms. Tomorrow


What I'm into

Enthusiastic Consent










Beta Bitches

Diaper Lovers


Foot Slaves

Human Furniture

Gender Explorers

Trans Women Looking For A Femme Ally 

Fellow Dommes

Amplifying the Divine Feminine

Getting Paid Well for My Labor/Time


I'm NOT into

Toxic Masculinity



Incest Play

Wife Hate

Vanilla Fuckboys


Bad Manners

Nudity (on My part)

Pet Names



Switching For you


Outdated Gender Roles

Slut Shaming

Being your Therapist

Providing Free Labor

How I like to play

Humiliation | Degradation

Bimbofication | Sissification | Feminization

Bimbofication | Sissification | Feminization

Do embarrassment & degradation turn you on? 

Hot. Good. Get over here.

Erotic Humiliation is a FUN fetish. So, don't think you are 'weird' because you like to be ruthlessly humiliated by a Dominant Woman. 

Don't ask yourself 'Why?! 

Why am I like this?

Why do I like being called names?

Why do I like to be degraded? 

Why do I love being forced to do embarrassing, humiliating tasks while She laughs?'

Don't beat yourself up about it. 


Instead, come see Me.

Let's work out your kinks.

I specialize in being particularly cruel.

I savor  your embarrassment. 

Bimbofication | Sissification | Feminization

Bimbofication | Sissification | Feminization

Bimbofication | Sissification | Feminization

Ache to feel like a pretty (possibly slutty) femme? 


I love feminization.

I love sissification.

I love bimbofication.

I love dollification. 

And yes, I love working with people of all genders, but I am especially keen on providing AMAB folks a safe and encouraging space to express their femininity.

SO, come to Me femmes!

Let's make you sweet & little, with frills and lace.

 Let's turn you into a total dumb slut - a complete bimbofication.

Whatever kind of dolly you turn into,  I really love  bringing out your femme self.

Foot Domination

Bimbofication | Sissification | Feminization

Chastity | Keyholding

My toes. 

My bare soles. 

My sub-bought heels. 

My dirty, smelly socks. 

My smooth  stockings. 

You can never get too much of a good, smelly thing. If you'd die happy with My dirty feet  on your face, and you think it would be heaven to be My carpet... Then, meet my divine feet!

 I like My foot worship a bit sadistic. I like pushing your face into smelly shoes . I like to see you grovel. My toes are very cruel.

Yes, I do have:  patent leather Dr. Martens,  old Converse, tap shoes, Pleasers heels, stilettos, PVC boots,  VERY dirty Toms. 

Oh, and so many socks. 

Chastity | Keyholding

Chastity | Keyholding

Chastity | Keyholding

I have all sorts of Chastity subs, because Chastity is a special kink that plays well with others. 

Chastity + Sissification

Chastity + FinDom

Chastity + FootWorship

 It is the cherry on top of Power Exchange. When I see someone's genitals locked up, for me... someone's tortured face, desperate for release... I get such a rush. 

The powergasm is so intense. 

I just want go on a locking spree about town.

I digress.

Customized Chastity Training is available, from short-term beginners, to more advanced, long-term, ritualistic type wear. Find the cage that fits you without hurting, and contact me appropriately. 


Chastity | Keyholding


There are a lot of secret cucks out there. 

You don't want to top.

You are drawn to powerful, sexual women, but you know you can't (or you don't want to be the one to) sexually please them. 

Maybe you aren't well-endowed.

Maybe you're sexually clueless.

Or Maybe you have a big dick & know how to use it, but you're haunted by thoughts of sitting with your nose in the corner while She receives the most intense, non-stop, marathon-like pleasure from someone else. 

The thought of Her going on dates with someone else while you sit at home- aching - turns you on. 

The burning jealousy makes you drip. 

The control She has, the freedom She has, the power She has... make you want to stay locked in chastity with the key around Her neck. 

I get it. 

I love collecting cucks like you. 

What if you are owned already by a powerful Cuckoldress?

I am more than happy to cuck-sit for you while She's out on dates, or at work. I'll make sure you get your chores done & have a bath ready for Her when She comes home.


Chastity | Keyholding




Small Penis Humiliation



Clothed Female/Nude Male

Glove Fetish 

Age Regression

Diaper Training

Mommy Domme 

Verbal Abuse

Pet Play


Forced Intoxication

Cock & Ball Torture




Public Humiliation 

Smoking Fetish 

(cannabis, hemp, or cigars only)

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